Session Descriptions

Staying Agile as the World Around You Changes

Few industries have been tested in the last few years the way that news organizations have. What is the key to surviving, thriving, and maintaining high standards when the world around you is spinning? How do you uncover the truth and challenge the deceit? Is journalism now more valuable—or more vulnerable?

Alan Murray, Chief Content Officer, Time Inc., and President, Fortune Magazine

Being Agile in the Startup and Family Business World

For family companies and startups, every day poses new challenges. How can your company become a trailblazer in a rapidly changing world? Our two panelists will discuss what to borrow from the big firms and what special advantages family businesses and startups can leverage. 

 Cindi Bigelow, President and CEO, Bigelow Tea

Nicki Maher, Senior Vice President, Alex & Ani

Building Agile Teams: Using Virtual Teams to build an Eco-System Global Arena

When key members of your team are not located in the same office, or even on the same continent, how do you get them to work well together? Is it possible to build a strong team with people who have never met face-to-face? Panelist John Cocco discusses how this should be one of your global company’s biggest priorities.

John Cocco, Vice President Global Product Development, Henkel Corporation

Keynote Presentation

Tenacity and hard work fueled the career of Robin Roberts from ESPN sportscaster to co-anchor of one of the nation’s top morning news programs. But defeating cancer twice required a different kind of toughness. Robin will share the wisdom gained from both journeys in her keynote presentation. 

Robin Roberts, co-Anchor “ABC” Good Morning America

Protecting Leadership – The importance of both Cyber and Physical Security

In turbulent times, leaders need the right team in order to survive. Do you have the right people in your life boat? Are you part of the A Team? Today we discuss the importance of protecting leadership, from two very different and interesting perspectives. Physical safety – the role of the sniper, and financial security.

Carol Juel, EVP & CIO, Synchrony Financial

Kim Sayles, Sniper, U.S. Office of Protective Operations/Special Operations Division, currently serving the White House

Change and Pivot to Outperform the Competition: The Do’s and Don’ts

Fulfilling customer needs should be the cornerstone of any business. But behind the scenes, your company needs the right people, the appropriate culture, and practices that will maximize that success. Panelist Lee McChesney shares some of the initiatives that have helped Stanley Black & Decker excel.

Lee McChesney, President, Hand Tools, Accessories and Storage, Stanley Black & Decker

Taking and Making Opportunities for Yourself and Others

In the midst of keeping your company healthy and thriving, can you still build opportunities for yourself? Yes, according to our two guest panelists, who say it is vital not to get “stuck’’ in your career track. In the same way you keep your business vibrant and creative, you must keep your career supercharged as well. Ideas an inspiration can come from everywhere.

Tracy Long,  Vice President, Service Building Solutions, Johnson Controls

Jack Roche, CEO, Hanover Insurance Group

People and Money: What Else Could Your Company Possibly Need?

How can you focus on long-term thinking in a world that seems invested only in the immediate? How can you identify your top performers and rising leaders and develop them? Where do you invest—and when? These are some of the fascinating topics we will address in this forward-looking program.

Tom Marshella, Managing Director and co-Head of Corporate Finance in the Americas, Moody’s

Elicia Pegues Spearman, Vice President of Human Resources, Hubbell Inc.

Lunch and Learn: Staying Ahead of the Game

As these two star athletes left the field and the court, they had to “stay ahead of the game’’ in their careers. Hear their stories of their second-step careers and what knowledge they have brought with them from professional athletics.